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Our company is the soled distributor of the Italian firm TESAR Srl in Italy, founded in 1979, which is the first company to use Cast Resin for manufacturing Power Transformers in Italy.

TESAR Srl has supplied more than 100,000 transformers worldwide, which is the business card of TESAR.

Why TESAR Cast Resin Transformers?

It was matter of discussion the use of cast resin transformers in particular installation
(preferred to oil type and dry type) but the advantage of the cast resin are evident


TESAR Cast Resin Transformers are safe and environmentally friendly, so they can be installed also close to the load, inside high rise building, industrial plant, hospitals. They are flame retardant, self extinguishing, humidity and tropic proof and also low noise.

Inherent Reliability

Since 1979, TESAR was in the market with its own Design, Quality, R&D, improving continuously.
In 1983 the first study and test on fire condition. In 2004 on of the very first worldwide to reach E2 C2 F1 qualification (Environmental, Climatic and Fire Test), and In 2013 the goal to qualify E3 condition for transformers installation in windmill was reached.

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